PowerLobbies  Stand Alone Client

If you do not wish to integrate PowerLobbies directly into your game using our SDK, you can use our stand alone client. The client can be installed separately from your game or as part of your game's installation and users can use it to play your game online.

Getting your game online with the stand alone client could not be easier. Your game could be online in a couple of hours.

These are the features of our stand-alone client:

  • Text based chat with other PowerLobbies users.
  • Create and destroy rooms so others can join a game.
  • Enter and leave rooms.
  • Password protected rooms.
  • Launch games.
  • Logon authentication.
  • Account creation.
  • Send and receive private messages.
  • Buddy lists so you know when your friends are online.
  • Ignore users you don't want to receive chat or private messages from.
  • Users are automatically pinged to ensure fast games.