PowerLobbies is a complete online gaming solution. We provide game lobbies and rooms, servers, bandwidth, a database and administration and support so you don't have to do it yourself. This will save your company a tremendous amount of money and time. With minimal effort, you can have your customers playing your game online. We offer both a stand alone client and a Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate PowerLobbies into your game.

The stand alone client is a quick and easy solution, it is not integrated into your game.  A slight modification to your game may be required and we might have to make a small modification to our client.  After which, your customers will just have to download the client, create an account and connect.  You can have your game on the Internet in just a few hours. 

The SDK is used to integrate PowerLobbies directly into your game. It only takes a few days to modify your game using our SDK.  Find out more about our SDK here.

Here are some of PowerLobbies features
* An SDK to incorporate PowerLobbies directly into your game.
* User friendly client interface.
* Text based chat.
* Create rooms and launch games.
* Users are pinged to determine how fast their connection is to the game to ensure smooth online game play.
* A buddy list let's you know when your friends are online.
* Password protected rooms.
* Send private messages.
* Ignore users so you won't recieve chat and private messages from them.